Collection: Custom Silver Inlaid and Engraved

Most of our pendants can be customised by adding a rune, bindrune, initials or a simple symbol onto them. We offer two ways of doing this.


We engrave by hand. Iron requires a deeper cut than silver to be visible. This is why we do not engrave with great detail. On the smaller pendants this allows you up to 8 digits, a little bit more on the larger pendants.  If you are unsure about if we can engrave something on a pendant, please feel free to message or email us.

Engraving on a small pendant


Silver Inlay

Silver inlay on iron has been used as a method of decoration since the middle of the first millenia. Elaborate belt fittings and Viking age swords have been found decorated using this method. The most famous example is the Mammen axe.

In silver inlay the piece is first engraved deeply so that an undercut is formed. A piece of soft metal, like the pure silver we use, is then pushed into the recess and hammered fast. No solder is needed. The silver is held in place by pressure alone. 

Silver inlay allows for even less detail than engraving. Historical examples show really fine work. We are getting there, but at the moment we will limit ourselves to 4 digits on the smaller pendants and 6 on the larger ones.


Gold Inlay Thors hammer pendant
Custom Silver Inlaid and Engraved Taitaya Forge