Our Suppliers and Partners

We believe that it is good to be open about who we get our source materials from. It will help you decide yourself on the quality of our raw materials so you don't have to just take my word for it.


Metal & Cords

www.pureiron.com We use pure iron exclusively in our iron jewelry. It is not an easily found material and is mostly used nowadays in restoration work. Last time I shopped around there were two companies selling it in the UK. We chose the smaller one.


Cooksongold UK Our silver is sourced from cooksongold. Their raw silver is nowadays pretty much all recycled. Because we send our silver work to be assayed at the Goldsmith's hall in London it is important that the metal is what it says it is. With so many silver suppliers out there I have made a decision to source from a select two.


Bellore Rashbell  We have been sourcing chain from Bellore Rashbell, a London based jewellery supplier since 2005.


Bluebell Hill Crafts. We originally found Mira through Etsy and she has been our main source for quality leather cords for years.


The Tiny Box Company provides us with our recyclable card jewellery boxes. We used to make these all by ourselves, but eventually came to the conclusion, that despite the obvious hand made charm of our own made boxes (and lack of supply issues), my time was better spent making jewellery, rather than packaging. Occasionally these boxes sell out and we Use AP Packaging as a backup.

Moo provides us with our business cards and gift note cards. The ability to have a different picture at the back of almost every card enables us to showcase our work through the cards themselves.