Collection: 2024 Spring Forged Silver Horde

Available to buy now.  This collection is on its Second month of our new pricing model based on a Dutch auction. Read more about it here.

Included are two sets of silver Bell earrings and one of each of the following:

* SOLD OUT Our first ever Silver Raven Necklace, the one featured in this video:

* SOLD OUT First ever silver Hannunvaakuna necklace, the Finnish troll cross.

* Our fourth Dragon Pennanular brooch

* Our fourth spiral necklace

* Our second two ravens pennanular brooch

All items are hand forged using blacksmithing methods, not cast. Each piece is unique in a way that most silver jewellery cannot be. Some designs may be repeated but each one is individually forged. Apart from the earrings each item is as in the photographs and videos. Officially assayed in London and have UK standard hallmarks. The Raven features the late Queen's Jubilee hallmark.

2024 Spring Silver Horde