Bespoke Work

We occasionally take in bespoke work. Please feel free to send us a message if there is something special you would like us to make. If we cannot help you, then we will do our best to direct you to someone who can.

We usually have a waiting list and the time we can allocate for custom work can sometimes be limited, so if you want something made by us please allow at least 6 months before you need it. We have a minimum charge of £150 GBP.

If you are looking for an engraving, silver inlay or a variation of a pendant we already make, then the minimum charge doesn't apply and the waiting time is a lot shorter.

On items that are highly personal we may take a deposit up to 50% to cover unrecoverable material and labour costs. Because of this the deposit may not be refunded in whole in the event of a cancellation on your part. If for some reason we cannot complete the work, you will be refunded completely.

The price we give you is a quote. It is our best estimate on how much work and materials will cost on any given commission. Like with any forecasting it is difficult to be accurate, so we lean towards the higher end with our quotes. This means that unless we are wildly off, the price is what you will pay at the most. If we cannot complete the commission within the quote, then we will either cancel and fully refund your deposit or you have the option of accepting a updated quote.

Final prices are variable with exchange rate fluctuations if ordering outside the UK. 

If at any point you are not fully satisfied with what we are making for you, then please let us know. Part made things can still be re-designed and if that is not an option then sometimes it is best to cut the losses sooner than later.