Where else to find Taitaya Forge

We currently do not sell in person or have any work in any shops. If you are interested in featuring our work, let me know.

We do have multiple places online where you can find us. On this page I will outline all our current outlets and social media. If you find us anywhere not listed here, then it is not us and I would appreciate if you found time to let us know. Like any original creator online, we find our work copied or inspiring other creators.

We do not outsource our manufacturing, everything is made by myself and my husband. 


Our Online Webpages

www.taitaya.co.uk  is our old brochure website, without ecommerce. There is content there that I am migrating as soon as I find time to do so, which is why it is still up and running, but not being updated.

taitaya.blogspot.com is my old blog. I am working on transferring the older content and updating some of it into our newest blog on this website.

Mailchimp hosts our email mailing list and landing pages to sign up for it or any other active waiting lists we currently have.


Our Other Online Shops

In this shop you will find our most comprehensive catalogue of what we make, including items that take longer to make, our most unique and exclusive pieces as well as a catalogue of past work, that can be made again in a newer updated version or design. As we run on the Shopify platform you will also find us on shopify's app Shop.

Taitaya.etsy.com is our most popular online venue with over 4500 sales through there and over 1000 reviews. Most of the reviews on this website originate from Etsy. Many of our creations that can be shipped fast can be found here. For buyers outside of the UK, this may be the better alternative as Etsy remits import VAT on our behalf.

folksy.com/shops/TaitayaForge Folksy is a UK a hand made only marketplace for UK artisans and makers. We sell a slightly limited selection of our bestselling repeatable items here.

MarleenaBarranDesign.etsy.com is a digital download shop where I sell some of my hand drawn vector graphic designs as instant downloads, with the intention of providing other artisans like me we a resource of artwork to use in their work. You may recognise some of the artwork from our website and packaging here.


Our Social Media

Facebook is our main social media, with most postings about news, new items, sales, notifications etc. Be sure to allow notifications to be notified as I am not in a habit of paying Meta extra to improve visibility with our followers.

Instagram is where I post most behind the scenes, life of an artisan blacksmith type of content. If you want to have a look at how our work is hand made be sure to follow us on there.  Or search #taitaya or #taitayaforge

Youtube has been quiet for a long time, but I am currently working on creating more content on the channel there. You will find viedos of how some of the jewellery we sell here is made, as well as product features. We are looking to build our subscriber base there so we can link our inventory on Youtube, so please follow us!

Pinterest is connected to our shop and pretty much everything is pinned there. Including some of our older work. If you just want to view our work as well as some of the historical items that inspire us, check it out.

We also have a presence on TikTok, Twitter X, Threads, Tumblr & LinkedIn  These platforms are seldom updated.


Taitaya Forge featured in other publications

The Everyday Blacksmith, Nicholas Wicks. Two of our pendants have been featured in this book of 55 blacksmithing projects. A comprehensive review by Waters Ironworks can be found here.