How to look after my leather cord?

I do my best to source high quality cord for my jewellery. Regardless leather is a natural product and there is variability in strength and longevity.

To extend the life of your cord, especially when the necklace is worn all the time, it is important to keep the leather oiled of fed to stop it from drying. Dry leather becomes brittle and weak. Salt water, perfumes and after shaves, as well as soaps and shampoos all can dry the cord.

The simplest way is to oil the leather. You can use readily available olive or almond oil, but these don't penetrate the leather too well and can leave the leather feeling sticky. For best results look into thin speciality leather oils like neat's foot oil or mink oil.

There also are a variety of leather foods available, designed for leather care and maintenance. These are an excellent alternative.

Rub the oil onto the cord and pull it through your fingers. Then dry the surface through with cloth of paper towel until the cord doesn't stain.

What ever you end up using, make sure you are not allergic to anyof the ingredients.

If you cord snaps and you would like a replacement, contact me for details.