Our mission

At Taitaya Forge, we design, handcraft and sell forged iron and silver jewellery. Artisan work that is hand made using ancient blacksmithing and metalworking techniques, catering to the Pagan, Norse Heathen, Wicca, Alternative and Viking communities and enthusiasts.

In our work we celebrate heritage and history and do not condone any of the symbology from it to be used to promote hate. 

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service and deliver high-quality, unique pieces that hold deep spiritual and emotional significance for our customers.

As a small family business, we take pride in our creativity, design, and commitment to preserving and reviving traditional metalwork practices. Our long-term goal is to continuously improve our mastery of the craft and offer our customers future heirlooms of exceptional craftsmanship.

We strive to minimize our environmental impact by prioritizing quality over quantity, utilizing recyclable packaging, and creating products that leave no trace when they reach the end of their arc. 

We find joy and fulfillment in creating meaningful jewelry that creates a personal connection and allows spiritual expression, at the same time letting us make a decent living doing what we love.