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About Taitaya Forge

 “Taitaja” is a Finnish word meaning a person that is a master of a craft. We chose to call our enterprise this because it reflected our aspirations as craftsmen & artists. 


Artist Blacksmiths Luke and Marleena Barran


Taitaya Forge is located in the beautiful English countryside, in an old stone barn on the Isle of Wight. Blacksmiths Marleena and Luke Barran have been working together for over ten years creating metalwork from modern jewellery and design, bladesmithing & traditional blacksmithing to historical reproduction work.

We work with silver, iron & steel, gold & copper alike, from the small scale to the large. Our designs, work methods & inspiration come from the natural world, the history of metalwork and are with a touch of folklore & myth, with a lot of Viking influence.