Our latest design is out. This is our version of the classic Cornicello, horn pendant!

A forged iron cornicello, Italian horn, pendant with a antique bronze finish, on a black leather cord, designed and made by M Barran at Taitaya Forge.

Our latest creations!

  • Silver Inlay

    Using the ancient method of silver wire inlay, we can decorate iron, resulting in a beautiful contrast of iron and silver, back and white.

  • Custom engraving

    Hand engraved with runes or an inscription, you can make your gift a little bit more special.

  • Silver Viking Spear Head Pendant, Hand forged unique Gungnir pendant traditionally hand made out of solid Sterling Silver, 925

    Forged Silver

    Did you know we can forge silver the same way as we forge iron?

    Because each piece is forged individually, no two are exactly alike.

Looking for a gift?

Not sure what to get for your loved one? Looking for something for a anniversary, Yule or Birthday? We now have the option for a gift card! This E-giftcard will be mailed to you as a code your giftee can use at checkout!

Our Mission

At Taitaya Forge, we handcraft unique iron and silver jewelry using
ancient blacksmithing techniques.

Our passion is to create meaningful
pieces that resonate with the Pagan, Heathen, Wicca, Alternative,
Viking and Norse communities.

With spirit and creativity, we aim to provide
excellent customer service and exceptional craftsmanship.

We are committed to sustainability, crafting each item by hand to minimize our
environmental impact.

Our goal is to offer future heirlooms that hold
spiritual significance, making every piece a cherished symbol of
personal connection and artistry.

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