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Hand Forged Iron Moon pendant by M Barran, Taitaya Forge
Hand forged Iron Moon Pendant by M Barran, Taitaya Forge.
Iron Moon Necklace
Iron Moon Necklace
Iron Moon Necklace
Iron Moon Necklace
Iron Moon Necklace

Iron Moon Necklace

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Size: 4 cm x 3.5 cm
Necklace Length: Adjustable from 15 inches to 28 inches
Materials: Iron, Leather

This iron moon pendant has been forged and hand filed into shape. The decoration has been struck by our home made stamps. The matte black surface still bears witness to the pendants origins, marked by both my hammer and the anvil I use. The pendant is one single piece of pure iron, not the commonly used and available mild steel. The bail design is one of my own, loosely based on Viking age wire beads.


More about the material and colour:

This pendant has been forged out of pure iron. The black surface colour is made oil quenching and then waxing with beeswax. This is a traditional method of protecting iron against the elements. our “About Us” section.

About the adjustable necklace:

The cord on this pendant is tied with two sliding knots. This allows the earer to decide what length to wear the necklace at. Leather is most suited for the style of the pendant, but we have other options available.

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