Will Iron rust?

When exposed to moisture, salt and other chemicals unprotected iron will rust. This is why we protect our pendants and other iron jewellery by one of two methods.

The black coloured pendants have been finished with a traditional method of heating the metal up and quenching it in oil while it is still hot. The black layer on top is a form of rust formed by the process of heating the iron, so it itself will not rust orange. The black layer is sealed in place by the oil. We also add an additional layer of our own made beeswax polish.

The dark, brass and blue hued surface is also formed by heat. The colored layer is very thin and unprotected rust can form. To keep the attractive colours protected we have used an metal sealant, almost like a clear varnish paint.

Both surface treatments can wear off along the edges in time and prolonged use. The exposed iron, grey metallic colour, will be prone to rusting if it is stored or kept in a damp place. If you plan to store the pendant for a longer time, keep it in a dry place and give it a fresh layer of beeswax polish.

For most people rust will not be an issue when wearing the pendant. The heat from the body tends to dry the pendant off before rust has a chance to form. You can even swim with the iron pendant on, as long as you remember to rinse any salt water off. If you wear the pendant all the time, take care to occasionally wax and oil the leather cord to protect it. With repeated washing the leather can go dry and brittle. Some after shower sprays and perfumes can shorten the life of the cord.

Because the appearance of iron jewellery will change with time and wear, I offer a refurbishment service, for as long as I have access to my workshop.  The price is whatever the postage cost back to you is and any payment processing or sales fees accrued by the transaction. You can arrange to send a pendant or other piece of jewellery back to me and I shall restore the surface and replace the cord. I may ask you to verify your purchase if  I cannot find it in my records. For this reason, please keep hold of the invoice that arrives with your purchase.