Collection: Brooches

These brooches are not only decorative, they are functional. I use these in the winter to hold my scarf in place, making it possible to wear jewellery out despite being covered head to toe in warm clothes. These are perfect to stop a shawl from falling or, securing a kilt. Or if you are so inclined to wear costume for larp, theater or cosplay.

The way these brooches works comes from a time when brooches where the way to hold garments together, instead of buttons. Take care to note on the description on what type of material these will work with. The pins are designed either to be fine and not break the weave or strong and hold a heavy cloak.  My other hobby is weaving, so I have some understanding on how the pins work, without causing damage.

I occasionally make a pennanular or fibula brooch and if you are lucky and it hasn't sold out you can find it here. If there is a brooch you need for a specific purpose. let me know.

Brooches Taitaya Forge