New year. New shop. Taitaya Forge

New year. New shop.

So here we are. We out grew our old shop powered by Bigcartel and for the past week I have been setting this new shop up.

The new features include this blog, possibly of doing product reviews, lot more listings, the ability to pre-order our sold out lines.

I am also including a made to order section, with some of our rarer pieces. These have a long lead time as each one is made after the order is through. Because some of the pendants are just out of prototype mode, there is more variation with the photo listed. This is why I intend to photograph each order when it is complete to ensure that my customer is happy with it.

Most exciting about this move is that at the back end of the store I have a lot more tools to play around with  Combined with the learning curve to use those tools. So please bear with me if things glitch and do let me know if something looks weird or can be done better. 

Happy New Year 2019

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Elizabeth Sedgwick

Saw your work in a book….The Everyday Blacksmith by Nicholas Wicks….very interesting, beautiful work…..just thought I would say hi…..
Shady Valley, Tennessee, USA…..

Peter Baso

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