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Hot Forged Sterling Silver Spear, Mjolnir and Sickle Amulet Ring Pendant

Hot Forged Sterling Silver Spear, Mjolnir and Sickle Amulet Ring Pendant

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  • Size: 3 cm wide, 7 cm tall
  • Length: 20 inches. This can be changed on request.
  • Weight:  22 gm
  • Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
  • As Imaged
  • Hand made and designed by M.Barran
  • Assayed and Hallmarked. Includes rare Platinum jubilee mark.
  • Ready to Ship

This amulet ring has been inspired by the great temple of Uppsala in Sweden. The temple was a center of worship for the big three Viking gods, who are each represented in this unusual hand forged solid silver necklace. The hammer, known as Mjollnir, represents the god Thor, the spearhead, Gungnir, is a symbol of Odin and the sickle stands for Frey.

Hallmarked at London assay office. Has the now rare official Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee mark.

Please note!

Not suitable for children or to be worn during vigorous activity



The Story

This is a large pendant and the miniature sickle and spear head are sharper than usual. I would recommend not wearing it whilst doing acrobatics or other high activity sports. I have made the amulets as blunt as possible, but there is only so much I can do with miniatures without losing definition on what the item represents.

The temple of Uppsala in Sweden was described by Adam of Bremen in the 11th century. Within it he witnessed three statues for the Viking gods Odin/Wodan, Thor and Frey. The post holes of the old temple can still be found under the church at Gamla Uppsala. This amulet ring has been inspired by the numerous iron and silver amulet rings found all around Sweden from the Viking age. This amulet ring is not an exact replica of any find, but a modern interpretation.

Each miniature weapon & tool has been hand forged individually out of sterling silver bar using blacksmithing techniques. Forging silver hot is not commonly done anymore as it is usually more cost effective to cast silver. Unlike a cast silver pendant this one will remain unique, even if I where to make more. The hammer marks and texture of the anvil bear witness to how this amulet was made.

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