Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the name used for silver with 92.5% pure silver content. It is the most common silver alloy used in jewellery. Fine silver (99.9%) is most of the time too soft and deforms easily. It is perfect for silver Inlay, but not as a ring on itself.


Our sterling silver has been oxidised to bring out the detail and texture of our work. One of the things that make our silver jewellery different from most out there is that we forge our silver hot, like we forge iron. The temperature for hot forging silver is very specific. Hitting it too hot will crumble the metal. This is why most silver jewellery will be cast to shape or fabricated out of sheet, wire and bar.


We do some silver casting ourselves. The method we use is sand casting. Each time we cast we have to build a new mold. The mold gets destroyed after each cast. This is a method is time consuming so it is good for one off casts of items that don't need to be replicated in their hundreds... like our work.


We are based in the United Kingdom where all articles of precious metals have to be hallmarked by law. This has been so since the middle ages and it is the oldest consumer protection law in existence.



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